Fighting the Bear & Top 5 Projects In August

Posted On Aug 15, 2022 |

In this report I will talk about the trend reversal in the market and whether we might have caught the bottom perfectly.

This report shows you which projects I’m interested in myself and why I’m planning to buy them. No bla bla, just straight to the point to let you know what we are buying. I will also include our ratings and the reasons why I buy it.

Projects are rated based on potential ([rocket-emoji], on a scale from 1 to 5) and risk ([warning-emoji], on a scale from 1 to 5). In this report, I will have a look at the following 5 projects.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Solana
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  • ** Members Only **

Is the bear market over? Have we hit the bottom perfectly? And what has changed in the last few weeks that we have seen such a rapid rise in the crypto market? In this report we will answer these questions. But first a recap so that all readers know what has happened in the last few months.


In January, we started talking about an emerging bear market. Our analyst Jacques even decided to sell his assets. I haven’t sold, but I stopped DCA (Dollar cost averaging) since more than a year.

Two months ago we talked about how we would see another sell-off and see Bitcoin in the 20,000s. Our May report from 2 May 2022 stated: "we see Bitcoin back in the 20,000s". At that time, Bitcoin was at $39,000. A few days later we saw exactly that: The price had fallen by -20% and briefly traded as low as $25,000 (-36%). As we have discussed several times in recent months, the journey was not over yet. And this is exactly what we have been waiting for months now and I can only repeat myself that sometimes it is better to do nothing than to keep buying because you have FOMO.

In June we talked about the next moves we see, where I saw Bitcoin going to the low 20,000s and I even placed limit order below 20,000. In the last report (2 Jun 2022) we said: “In summary, we see the market making another final sell-off in the coming weeks, which will give us the perfect opportunity to buy.” Thanks here to our analyst Jacques, whose analyses I follow in order to form my own opinion.

In July, we talked about catching the bottom and the changing market conditions. And we talked about all the orders that hit and the capital I deployed in June.

We will see if this was really the final bottom, but for now it looks good. Nevertheless, we have new plans for the next few weeks and I am already planning to sell positions / have already sold positions to realise profits.

As always, I will first give you my opinion on the coins I’m interested in the current market situation. Let’s jump right into it!

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