Staying Afloat - November Market Report & Portfolio Update

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In this report, we will take a look at the current market and the impact on the investor portfolio.

Hi guys. I owe you an update for a long time. In the last weeks a lot has happened, both with me privately/professionally and in the crypto market.

I moved to Switzerland, had an accident and had to be operated on the eye and have a few other things that have happened to me. This has led to the fact that I owe you the monthly update of September and October.

I also thought about how I want to update the investors page in the future. I'm open for suggestions, because I'm thinking if it makes more sense to give shorter updates more often per month and not only one big update per month. Of course, as before, I will always give you an update if there is a purchase/sale/important event.

But enough of the introduction, let's get straight to the interesting stuff.

Portfolio Update

An important new change was the introduction of a demo portfolio. Since some of you have been asking for a clear presentation of all recommendations of the investor portfolio, we decided to show everything in a sample portfolio and let you know the results in a transparent way.

Since Jacques has started to publish his portfolio allocation plans as well, we will call this portfolio from now on "Investor Portfolio".

We have decided to use CoinStats for this purpose. This helps us to keep the overview, to make the success measurable and gives you transparency what is currently in our portfolio. Previously you would have had to read all the past market reports to replicate the portfolio yourself. Now you can always have a quick look yourself and get real time updates on the portfolio.

You can have a look here: CoinStats Portfolio

In the last few days we have tracked all the transactions from the research reports that I have been writing since April with the demo portfolio. I always put all the data in the market reports in percentages, which makes it a little easier. We decided to start the demo portfolio with 10,000 USDT to begin with. Here are some results on the portfolio, at today's level:

As you can see we are mainly in BTC, PLU and ETH (about 90% of the portfolio). Furthermore we have a small portion in USDT, which could be bigger in my opinion. Also two losers (SOL and BID), which fortunately have only a very small portfolio allocation. And of course the ETHW airdrop, which is so small that we can actually ignore it.

Pluton Orders

The last transactions of the portfolio were the sell orders for PLU, which triggered the last short term pump and the monthly (staking) reward which is paid out in PLU. More about this in a moment.

Due to the automatic sell orders we were able to sell at a good time and thus increase our USDT position a bit. More about this in this report ( and here in my Discord Update (CryptoExplorer Pro Discord).

Now to the PLU Rewards. As described in the Market Reports and Discord Updates, we have PLU in the portfolio not only because we believe in a price increase, but because Pluton ($PLU) is the token of Plutus, the crypto card operator. By staking PLU tokens (Non-Custodial Staking with no lockup, by the way!) you get more cashback on your purchases you make with your Plutus Card.

If you want to learn more about it, check out our video about it:
Get your Plutus Card and get a $10 welcome bonus: 🔥 $10 Welcome Bonus

Each month this generates 59 USD, paid in PLU tokens. The exact calculation can be found here for transparency purposes:

We have made the following assumptions for our cashback calculations (everything in USD instead of EUR since the portfolio is calculated in USD *):

  • Monthly spending with the card: 600 USD
  • Required PLU Stake: 250 PLU
  • Cashback: 4%
  • 4 Perks à 10 USD with 100% cashback
  • Monthly subscription cost: 5USD, Resulting in a montlhy cashback reward of 59 USD (600*4%+40-5)
  • Rewards are paid out in PLU tokens after 45 days, we always add them to our porfolio after two months (60 days)

For now, nothing changes in the still open sell orders ( The price of PLU continues to hold well despite the current market situation and the position is up +8.94% since the purchase (with rewards).

Current Market Situation

The last few weeks could hardly have been more turbulent in the crypto market as well. The FTX saga has cost crypto companies and private investors a lot of money and drawn unpredictable consequences. As clarified in my last Discord update, I myself have never used FTX and thus had no money on it, nor do I, CryptoExplorer or our demo portfolio hold FTT tokens. I feel for whoever was affected by this though! We always preach: Please never hold money on an Exchange. The exchange is only for buying and selling, not for holding your coins! Please use an offline wallet (hardware wallet is best, a paper wallet can also be used).

However, the FTX saga has also had a negative impact on SOL. Even before the big sell-off, we warned via Discord update:
"Also in danger are the large amounts of SOL and Solana ecosystem tokens held by Alameda. They could get sold off in a worst-case scenario and underline the close links between FTX/Alameda and Solana."

Well... Seeing and understanding risks is one thing, then acting is another. Unfortunately I did not trade and now our SOL postion is red. With an avg loss of about $400, this is only 4% of the portfolio, but it annoys me that I have not traded. Well from mistakes you learn!

December Outlook

The Outlook for December is hard to predict, but it definitely doesn't look particularly good. People are uncertain, crypto companies are uncertain and
markets are uncertain, not exactly the situation where you can expect a sharp rise in prices. People also don't have money, many are losing their jobs right now, and the economy continues to not do well.

So in summary, just not good. Also, of course, there are a couple of Black Swan events on the radar:

  • Genesis / Greyscale troubles
  • Michael Saylor liquidation
  • Tether problems as always

These are Black Swan events, but you should have them on your radar. Especially the effects of Genesis/Greyscale are not yet clear and I think there is still something ahead of us. In which direction and how strong the effects will be, no one knows yet. In any case, caution is advised!

In the long run, I am definitely positive. The events of FTX have shown how important self-custody is and how dangerous leverage is. A tweet of mine comes to my mind:


Now is a good time to enter the market, but please don't leverage when you invest! The goal right now is still the same as it has been for the last few months: lose as little as possible!

Portfolio Status

Currently the demo portfolio stands at 8,715.06 USD, which means a loss of 12.95% in total. Compared to the rest of the market this is pretty good.

The orange line represents a portfolio of 100% BTC and the red represents an equally weighted combination of the top 20 coins. The goal as a good investor is to get more out of your money by making smart decisions. This means investing in the right projects and doing the opposite of the masses.

Portfolio Value in USD and BTC, showing the outperformance of BTC

We try not to buy at the "perfect" time, but at good times. And so far, that has worked out well.

In the end, I'm already looking forward to 2023. To the market situation and especially all the new developments in the Web3/DeFi area. Because one thing is clear: the bear market is the start of the next bull run. And we want to be perfectly prepared for that!

Stay safe and have fun exploring!


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